About Dr. Albertson

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Frederick and have been practicing in Maryland since 2004. I see adolescents and adults with a wide range of concerns and struggles who are in need of individual and/or family therapy. My specialty is in treating women’s issues, such as eating disorders, body-image, and trauma.

I am also a founding member of Hope Consortium, a team of independent professionals who specialize in treating individuals and their families who struggle with eating disorders and related issues.
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I am a graduate of Rosemead School of Psychology in La Mirada, California.

Therapeutic Approach
It is difficult to seek outside help; therefore, I value establishing and maintaining a sense of safety and trust with each client throughout the therapeutic process. I often utilize somatic imagery and ego-state (or internal family systems) therapy when working with clients, while acknowledging that each client has unique needs and approaches in their healing process. Imagery can be an alternate avenue in accessing our emotions, which may allow awareness and change to occur more quickly or directly. Ego-state therapy acknowledges that we are all made of different parts of ourselves who play different roles in our lives. For example, how a person feels and behaves as a daughter can be different from how she acts and feels at school or work or with friends. As we distinguish these parts of ourselves, we can better find an internal sense of awareness and balance, leading to a more stable sense of our bodies, emotions, and lives. I also have over 50 hours of training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) treatment for trauma and addictive behaviors. EMDR can be a very effective way for the brain to process traumatic incidents or difficult issues, often helping clients move through “stuck” places.

Services Provided
I provide psychotherapy to individuals and/or families. Therapy is usually once a week for 45-50 minutes, depending on the patient and circumstances. I also provide psychological assessments and testing for patients considering undergoing bariatric surgery or other assessment needs. In addition, I offer consultation services with colleagues as well as patient family members in need of psycho-education related to parental, spousal, or familial issues. Family member consultation is in collaboration with the individual patient and with the patient’s consent, where applicable.

Body Image and Eating Struggles Support Seminar
I am also excited to now offer a monthly group support seminar series. The series is typically offered in the Fall and Winter/Spring. Each month covers one of the following topics: emotional eating, body image/self identity, and developing healthy coping skills. You may attend just one or all three seminars in the series. This is a fairly informal class with an opportunity for participants to ask questions and receive feedback. I encourage adults and older teens, who are seeking extra support in dealing with these issues, to join me and your peers. Seminars take place in my office. For more information contact me at 301-663-3350 or drnkalbertson@gmail.com.

To discuss your needs or make an appointment, please call and leave a message on my confidential voicemail (301-663-3350) or via email (drnkalbertson@nkallc.com). I am in-network with some insurance companies, and also bill directly to other insurance plans for out-of-network benefits.